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Default Re: Drummer / Musician Blogs

Originally Posted by Caz View Post
Hi everyone,

I went to a really inspiring event last week at the Musicians' Union headquarters in London, and one thing they really encouraged us to do was to work on having a good online presence. I've taken that on board and have started writing a blog - it's hopefully nothing too pretentious, I'm so far just saying what I've been getting up to musically each day. I'm not exactly sure what the aim is or what good can come out of it - perhaps it should be reserved more for people who play in famous bands than your average drummer that does little gigs.. So I wondered, who else out here has got blogs, and are there any that you particularly enjoy reading? What do you find good or bad?

Here's mines so far -!blog-1/t1axk

And here are two I've read before that I really like:
Todd Bishop's Cruise Ship Drummer -
Sam Nadel -

Thank you for this, Caroline! I'm interested in your thoughts and experiences, even though you're obviously far beyond me in skills and experience.

Thanks for sharing your blog … I'm reading it now. :-)

P.S. I've checked out Todd Bishop's blog in the past … interesting stuff. I know another musician (not a drummer) who performs on a cruise ship. That's a singular experience!

Edited to add: I've read a few entries of your blog, as well as the "about me" part, and now I'm feeling quite intimidated! But I appreciate your disarmingly easygoing manner and friendly approach to your blog.

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