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Default Re: Jazz drummers: How do you work on soloing?

Nothing wrong with reciting rubatum per see. As a guitar player I've done my share of Simpsons Theme, Star Wars Theme and Eruption at bar gigs. lol

Drumming is a little bit different in a way and you can have a list of 4-bar ideas ideas for safety or just because you like them.

When practicing though, you'll get a lot moe out of, as they say, learning from the lick. Take that idea and expand on it just as you would a rudiment or any of those other exercises.

Drill than sucker in. If it doesn't show up naturally and spontaneously in your playing you don't know it nearly well enough. Solution? Work on that one thing, only that thing, for a long time. Think on and about and sing it any time, not just when you're at the drums.

Do exercises, yes. Work on the basics, yes. But, don't spend the start or the main portion of your practice on stuff you know. Creativity, flow and focus in the moment are also basics.

You work on facility so that your hands will follow your mind, not the other way around. There's a lot of melodic and transition work to be done.

Tired and completely chopped out from technique workout. NOW I'll sit down and be creative... Very bad idea. Our mind gives out long before our body does.
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