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Default Re: Jazz drummers: How do you work on soloing?

First off listen to countless jazz drum solos.

I would listen to drum solos in other genres to see how they are similar and how they are different. Rudiments are pretty important for a jazz solo and a controlled left hand. In an arena rock solo it's a different approach.

Soloing is soloing. Get the independence down first. I wouldn't play a solo in any genera without the vocabulary and independence. I would learn stickings, rudiments and phrasing and be able to go between them all with a metronome on without stopping or falling apart. Once you can do that COMFORTABLY, now you can start being creative and start choosing where the accents go, what sticking you are about to use etc.

The difference with jazz would be the phrasing you choose. This is where listening, or getting books and being a part of the genera will help.

I like to have a motif or something to keep going back to or playing as well. Use it as an anchor every 4 or 8 bars. or 16. and have the audicance have a reference point.

Playing a groove or a beat by yourself IS a solo. Solo doesn't mean show off or lay down chops... You could play 1/4 notes for half of it, and to be honest I'd rather hear that played tight than someone ripping sloppy licks.
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