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Default Re: Time observations

Originally Posted by philrudd View Post
My question is, how far do I go in fighting for the 'perfect' take?
Unless I'm the artist, I don't push too hard.

And that's because I came to the harsh conclusion some years ago that if I need more than a couple takes to get it right, then I'm probably not good enough to nail it.

I try not to get down about that, because it's usually something specific about the piece that is giving me difficulty, not necessarily an indictment of me as a bad player. But if it isn't happening in the first two or three tries, then it probably won't happen at all.

It's like throwing the Hail Mary pass and just hoping you'll pull off a miracle. Which is really self-indulgent and doesn't serve the artist in any way, even if you can get away with it. Better to accept the reality that this is about as well as you can play it now. And then work on it like crazy so next time you nail it the first time.

The good news: With lots of practice and experience, over time, the list of things that I can't nail the first time gets smaller.
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