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Default Re: Feet development, need for double pedal, etc

Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
Just on this point haroldo, hitting a snare drum with your left hand and a ride cymbal with your right, doesn't "feel" the same either.....yet we manage to do it every time we play with little concern. Just something to think about.

Again, I'm not saying employing a double pedal is a bad idea. It will come down to the value YOU place on the benefits of one within your playing style. I played for many years on a single pedal and bought a double a year or so ago in order to teach myself a new I need it to get by? Hell no....but there's no denying the fact that I've had some fun with it either.

So if you think there's value in it for you going forward, go right ahead........but it certainly isn't neccessary purely to get both feet working. That can indeed be done on what you have. Check out all the great players who play on a single pedal, yet command great control over their hats, to see what I mean.

excellent points. Thank you very much for sharing. You may have saved me $379 bucks... not sure yet, but thanks
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