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Default Re: Feet development, need for double pedal, etc

Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
If you have a kick pedal and a hi hat pedal, you can work on your feet. I wouldn't buy a double pedal just as a matter of course to be honest. If you think you'd like to practise with one, or may end up playing a style of music that calls for one....then sure, why not. But I don't think you need one purely to work your can still do this by keeping one foot on the bass drum pedal and one foot on the hi hat pedal.

Figure out if you want to learn to play a double pedal and if you'll actually use one before committing to it. If not, it seems a little redundant when you can just keep your feet on the pedals you already have.

Now for the eternal question......chain, strap or direct drive. Have a scour through the numerous pedal threads here and you'll pretty quickly determine that there is no such thing as "best" for every player or every application. Get your feet on 'em and figure out which one appeals to you.

If I will someday "need" a double pedal to play certain things...I am not sure. I am too much of a noob to know that. What I do know if that I like bands whose drummer use double bass/pedals (Rush, Dream Theater, etc). So, not that I will be playing their tunes any time soon, but I do want to work on fill exercises and drills which incorporate the bass, and most of the time, I see it done with double pedal.

So, I guess you made me answer my own question, and I probably should get one and going with that left foot (hi hat pedal feels nothing like bass drum pedal)...

Now I just have to figure out if a $379 pedal is right for me, or if it's too much hardware quality which I will never see or experience its advantages.

Thanks again
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