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Default Re: Gavin Harrison here!

Hi kheddar

1. I know you like Tomas Haake's playing, but is Meshuggah's music in general your cup of tea? Learned any of their songs? Also, have you ever met Tomas in person? His English is pretty amazing.

I really like "Destroy Erase Improve" - and no I haven't learned any of their songs. I know Tomas - and he's a really good guy.

2. I do almost all of my practicing with a click going, except for the rare case when I'm practicing a pattern gradually from slow to fast and back. Do you think this kind of speedup-slowdown practice is something one should do a lot, and is there some practice one NEEDS to do without a click as well?

I've never been in any situation where a band want me to gradually speed up or slow down (apart from an obvious ending). I don't practise speeding up or slowing down - I think it's really unhelpful.

3. Have you ever gone on one of those trademark metric modulations during Hatesong or whatever and completely confused the rest of the band as to where the one is? I kind of pity the poor sods sometimes when you do that. :D

I might have lost one person on a very rare occasion - but usually it's because they were not paying enough attention.

4. What do you think of electronic drums?

Really don't like playing them - or listening to them.

Hi Drizzle

Just want to congratulate you on your fellow countryman Lewis Hamilton for becoming the youngest driver ever to become F1 World Champion...Did you see the race?? It was pretty damn close those last laps...but he pulled it off anyway...

Yes I watched it - real nail biting stuff right up to the very end!!!!!

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