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Default Re: Gavin Harrison here!

Hi Gavin!

Thanks so much for the great performance yesterday in 013! Looking forward to the second show tonight. I am really amazed by your drumming. At various places during the concert, I was thinking, what fill would Gavin come up with now?
Hope that the shoot for the dvd worked out well (except for the knocked mic standard in FOABP) and I'll see you tonight!

(btw, you guys have a nice engineer! Talked with him last night for a couple of minutes. Very nice guy!)

[edit below]
And thanks for a wonderful second night! Very nice in absentia oriented setlist. I made a picture of you last night (its one of the few that worked out "well"). Had a lot of trouble with getting the light balance right.

for who wants to see more of both nights ->
Certainly not the best concert pictures I snapped but pretty acceptable and also the first time I snapped Porcupine Tree (as it wasn't allowed on the concerts before)

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