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Default Re: Gavin Harrison here!

Originally Posted by gongbass View Post
In regard to Gavin's "Crash bells", I've been in touch with R & D at Zildjian and there is a good chance that they will introduce these at NAMM 2009. I would urge any interested to drop Zildjian a line (their email can be tough to find but its out there) and mention that you'd be interested if they did come to market.

I own over 100 Zildjian cymbals and have to say the only area I think they lack in is the small bell, cup chime department. Hopefully this will change with if they introduce the "Crash bells".
Hi gongbass ( the same one from Tama-Forum?),

i agree. I wrote some e-mails to Zildjian (last year), to introduce the missing sizes of a 6", 8" and 10" Oriental China Trash for "Stacks" or played as china. I think Gavins Crash Bells solve that lack a little bit. Such Effect-Cymbals are still missing at Zildjian.
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