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Default Re: Gavin Harrison here!

Hi Swiss Matthias

So you actually change heads individually, instead of changing all drums at once?

Absolutely. On some tours the second floor tom never gets to the point that I feel it needs changing.

Hi Tamaefx

I just wanted to say that I discovered few days ago your work with Pineapple Thief ; thanks to your Drumeo session and your work on "In Exile". I deeply loved the music and purchased almost right away the two last albums.

Thanks very much !

Hi michaelg

I recently seen a clip of a concert with Simon Phillip on youtube playing a tune with Lee Ritenour , the song is in 7. Anyways there's a place in the tune where Simon takes a long drum fill of 4 bars of 7. I'm wondering how someone can feel and solo over 4 bars of 7,
My own approach would probably be something like dividing the bars up in sections of 2, 4 or 8 ,, so 4barsX7 = 28 beats divided up like 8+8+8+4.

What would be your approach ? practice to just feel it in 7 ?

I'm sure Simon is just feeling it in 7. I would do the same and just sing the riff or bass line to myself as I was soloing.

Hi Robert Schmidt

How are you? What are you doing at the moment?

I'm good thanks. Just practising and writing new stuff at the moment before the touring/rehearsing begins again.

I got a question: I feel fairly "okay" with my improvised grooves and little mini-fills (subtelties) but I feel very uncomfortable improvising bigger fills. Im actually even a little scared to get into a bigger fill...Anyway If I then try one I dislike it nearly every time. (If I have the time to work out a fill its not that bad.) Your improvised fills always amaze me! And theyre quite big oftentimes as well.

haha - thanks but my fills don't amaze me though.

Could you give me any advise on how to approach or practice it? In an video you talk about your "curling-concept". Do you use some other concepts similar to this as well?

I find it's better to have an idea of what 'kind of fill' I'm about to play rather than just have a few 'per-rehearsed' fills that I do all the time. What I mean by that - is a fill that I think is correct for that part of the song as a bridge for taking the music somewhere and building the arrangement. I do have some 'worked-out' fills of course and usually dislike when I have to use them because I couldn't think of anything else. Some days you just seem to have more inspired ideas than others. So developing your own concepts that might help you get in the right frame of mind for what type of fill you're just about to play is very helpful.

best of luck
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