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Default Sometimes, it all becomes so worthwhile :)

After years of blood, sweat, & tears, there's nothing better than the feeling of validation! :)

I received this wonderful email the other day. It's from a well known/regarded artist who endorses a well known drum company. I've removed identifying information for obvious reasons :)


Hi Andy

I just wanted to extend a massive WOW and congratulations on making one of the finest kits I've ever had the pleasure of playing.

I've been recording drums with ----- ------- the last week and had brought my ----------- kit along with me. I'm very used to its sound and setup. We set my kit up and had a jam the first evening - all sounded ok. --- (producer) --- suggested that we try a Guru kit in the morning, so I headed into the studio first thing and swapped the 10 and 12 toms out first. The difference was immediate, huge and definitely in another league of brilliance. It's as though I'd taken earplugs out and could suddenly hear everything that has been missing from my drum sound.

I then swapped out the 16 floor and kick. Again, so much more tone, clarity and lush sustain than I'm used to.

We were also using the 13x7 snare - something I was a little skeptical of at first as I've only ever used 14's plus I'd brought my ----- along with me and was keen to record with it. Your 13x7 won all of the votes.

Although I'm happy with my current drum situation for touring, I'll most certainly be recording with your Guru drums on future releases.

Thank you, and once again very, very nice work.
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