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Default Re: Knowing yourself - sometimes it's -------------

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post

Unfortunately Larry, I'm well acquainted with failure, but I have a rubber constitution plus a high degree of stupidity, hence I still try stuff :)

LOLOLOLOL! If your Pop wore a rubber, you'd have found a way through lol

I'm ok (ish) on the last point, but on the first two, I'm faking it big time.
Oh man that's how I learn, I fake it. I'm fairly undisciplined. I never listened to Reggae. I don't do the one drop. Not really sure what it is TBH. But we do about 6 reggae tunes. I accent beat 3 a lot, it's my downbeat/rimclick/pssht unison thing that makes it feel like reggae to me. I have no idea if that's even in the vocabulary, I just feel it like that.

I've gotten a couple unexpected compliments from other musicians how much they like my reggae beats. I'm like OooooKayyy...I have no clue what I'm doing. So OK I try and make it feel like reggae without it being actual reggae. I'm totally faking it, but it doesn't seem to matter. We play the old standard "Fly Me To The Moon". I never played anything like that before. I just play off what the others are doing, it doesn't matter that I don't know the style. I can hear what it needs without knowing the style.

Faking it is great fun. Like I'm fooling them lol.
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