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Default Re: Knowing yourself - sometimes it's -------------

Originally Posted by Midnite Zephyr View Post
My point is, at this age, covers bands are a dime a dozen, but opportunities to play originals is few and far between. I wouldn't join just any band, but I would stretch my drumming prowess to fit a project that may not be my preferred style just to play originals because covers bands just don't really do it for me.
I'm with you on that message. I'm older than you, & have to fight even harder against age related apathy re original material. It's a young persons game mostly, & I'm not :(

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
He doesn't know how to fail.
Unfortunately Larry, I'm well acquainted with failure, but I have a rubber constitution plus a high degree of stupidity, hence I still try stuff :)

Guys, the decision was a simple effort vs. reward calculation. This band would require (according to my thinking) a fairly wide range of latin grooves, a broad jazz comping ability, & mastery of low dynamic intensity. I'm ok (ish) on the last point, but on the first two, I'm faking it big time. With the "spare" time I have available, it would take me at least a year to get good enough to satisfy myself. If the band was something out of this world, then a different decision, but they were just very good, & that wasn't enough to tip the balance. Ultimately, I wasn't prepared to enter into something that would frustrate me, & possibly equate to me letting them down. I don't do letting people down at all well!
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