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Default Re: Knowing yourself - sometimes it's -------------

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Iíve given this much thought, & although I believe I could carry the gig, I donít think itís right for me. I think you need a player whoís more experienced / comfortable in a lighter dynamic playing environment, as well as someone who leans more towards the jazz / popular / easy listening spectrum than me. I would frequently be thinking that the songs deserve drum parts that Iím not equipped to provide with any depth & credibility, & I would find that personally very frustrating.
What you wrote in your email has a taste of "deja vu" for me...

... that was exactly my thoughts when I auditioned for "Compartiment Fumeurs" back in the 80's, a jazzy/funk/french variety type of band with a horn section didn't seemed right for me, since I was coming from a heavy rock type of music at the time, I was literally shocked when they offered me the drummer position in the band... and although I had the same reservations as you did, I thought "why not? it could push me forward and expend my musical career"... so I accepted their offer and I never regretted it, I had a 4 years trip with this band, including some studio recordings... if anything, this band opened my view on drumming and made me more confident about myself drumming wise... I still do not understand why they hired me though, so out of style, so out of my confident zone.

While I think it's strange that a band offer a position to a musician which is not the right type musically, it can be beneficial for both, at the end of the day, they played their music and you played like you, if they offered you the position, it mean that they like/loved what you did and that perhaps you wouldn't had to make has much adjustment/work on your style of playing as you thought it would need. That was your interpretation of what type of drummer's needed for them, obviously, not their views, they've seen something in you that you haven't seen yourself :)

On the other hand, I really like the dream idea of your high energy funk act with full brass section but rock foundations, it would be my kinda band too :)
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