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Default Re: In defence of multiple toms.

I feel one of the most beautiful things about drums is that it is the most personal instrument there is. What do I mean by this?

Think about it, guitar, a few options as far as string number and maybe set up but at the end of the day they are all basically the same, bass, guitar, sax, on and on.

Now drums, you can choose amount of drums, cymbals, percussion toys, the list again goes on and on, and... You have the freedom to place anything , anywhere, and if you change your mind, cool!

I have never understood this small is better, or bigger is better, or no tom angles, or whatever.

I play a 4 piece for most of my blues gigs, a 5 or 6 for my original rock band. When I was young playing metal I drug out an 11 piece double bass kit.

I have gigged with a snare, a pair of bongos and brushes.

Who cares? Go play and have fun!

My .02 ;-)
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