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Default Re: Sometimes the most talented drummers can be the worse teachers ever

Originally Posted by Richard.Awesome View Post
I did take a private lesson with Purdie and it was the greatest thing i've ever done for my drumming. He wasn't "teaching" me persay, really helped with balance, posture, and focus.
Just watching is sometimes how you learn best. The instructor may not have to really explain anything beyond showing you. Like Ray Parker Jr. once said, "I could take 15 minutes trying to explain it, or 5 minutes and just show you".
Good wisdom there as many tough to figure out drum fills and rhythms I've learned just by seeing the drummer play it.
Once I saw the method, I could recreate it on my own (and make my version of it my own as well).

The fact that you got to see such a great player in action is honorable in and of itself.
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