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Default Re: Who has to play to a click or backing track live?

For a side project that was Symphonic Metal, I had to play live & rehearsals with a click to keep the whole band in sync with pre-recorded Symphony instruments and Operatic backing vocals (click in left ear, symphony & vocal in right). Sometimes it was unnerving as some people would rush, and I know they heard me because I'm pretty loud.

It was a very big responsibility to have on my shoulders and a lot of the drum parts were brutal double bass, so it was real test. However, when everyone was in synch, it was a very rewarding and proud experience.

As for headphones, I always used full ear cover Bose, no in-ear monitors. The old-school ENT I go to warned against them as I have a history of bad ear infections. My advice to anyone with recurring ear infections is to do the same - avoid IEM's.
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