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Default Re: In Ear Monitor Setup Question

Originally Posted by Dj magic d View Post
Fritz, my band has been using the IEM system for the last two years. Hopefully my description will help. Our whole set up was initiated by our bass player, who is a seasoned sound engineer. Each of the five members has their own body pack transmitter(MI pro 808).You wear the body pack on your belt and hook the IEM headphones into them. The guitar players also have wireless guitar systems, too, so they can move freely around the stage.
Each member will have their own monitor mix coming through their headphones, and can make adjustments. All the monitor mixes are controlled by a master unit, and that usually sits on the stage. Each member's mix is on a specific channel, and with the press of a button, the presets pop up so you can adjust them. Five members-five separate mixes since everyone has different preferences. Of course their are power amps and effects all hooked into the unit to facility a quality sound that is going to the individual in ears, but your rig doesn't need to be that elaborate. During the night's performance, any member can jump over to the control unit and press his channel and change settings. They are all well labeled, to prevent changing someone's else presets in the dark. The club's house sound engineer just takes everyone's DI and mixes it for the overall sound. House sound engineers don't have to worry about the monitor box mixes since the whole crew is on in ears. No more volume wars or strained vocals. To take it even a step further, I used an Ipad to control my mix along with the main board, to the left of my hi I don't have to get up from the drumkit to change stuff. Navigating on a on off a drum riser with cords everywhere, on a partially lit stage can be dangerous. Getting this type of setup isn't cheap by any means...but its worth it for all the huge advantages and the minimal hassle.
Thanks Everyone! Magic, what main unit do you guys use?
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