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Default Re: Things to remember when buying a new kit.

I find there is general tuning knowledge (how to properly tune a drum) and then there is getting to know your drum and good head combos.

Tuning a single center lug kit or my first experience with the yamaha hook lugs meant re-thinking such a basic element as my finger tightening technique (finger-tight each lug first, then us the key).

With center lugs I need to keep thinking about keeping the rods straight while making sure everything is in its place to avoid scratching the finish in the process.

Trying to get my fingers between the rim and the hook lug on the smaller yamaha toms was next to impossible, so I had to learn the finger-tightening part using a drum key.

And then you get the perfect recipe for a kit with certain heads and it becomes second nature, but the same might not work on a new kit.

There is a learning curve with new drums and I suppose everyone goes through the same thing.

Keep at it you'll find the recipe for your GW.
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