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Default Re: Avery Molek - Awesome 11-year-old drummer from PA??

Originally Posted by Tony Trout View Post
I know he's just a kid but has anybody here heard of Avery Molek, the 11-year-old drummer from Pennsylvania???? I've known about him since first seeing him with Brad Paisley on "GMA" (via YouTube) and I've followed his progress and this kid is absolutely more amazing every time I hear him & he can play double-kicks very, very well for someone his age!!!!

For those here who've heard of him, what are ya'll's thoughts???
I've never heard of him, but am I right in assuming his double bass chops are awesome? Where in Brad Paisley's music do you hear double bass? I think it's great when I see talented youngsters playing their butts off, but when I see a talented youngster laying it down for Mustang Sally, then I'll be impressed.

It's funny how I've never seen a young kid doing a simple Steve Gadd groove for three minutes without wavering, creating a good bed for the band and the singer to perform on top of. Anybody have any links for that out there? I mean, would it be creepy to see a 6-year-old laying down a groove like Alan Jackson Jr.? Feeling every beat like it's his last, at the age of six?
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