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Default Re: Been a tough month but things are looking up !!

Originally Posted by Smoke View Post
Boy, don't I know it. My grandfather died the day after his 61st birthday, my uncle (his son) lasted to age 79 and my mother made it to 70. She had the abdominal fixed when she was about 60 and had her aortic arch repaired when she was about 63. The arch repair failed just after she checked in at the Univ. of Michigan cardiac unit. Her doctor knew it was leaking and had her life-flighted to Ann Arbor, MI - she was scheduled for surgery early the next morning.

Apparently, the aneurysm gene passed me by (I've been checked annually for some time now), instead, I got the cancer gene from my father's side. I've been in remission for 10 years now. My oncologist won't call it a cure! ;-)
Congrats on your lengthy remission !! Doctors generally don't like to promise too much. During my pre-op consultation I asked the Dr what my chances would be if I did nothing. He said a 90% chance of mortality within 2 years. He also said if AAA's rupture, only 50% make it to the hospital alive. Of those 50%, only 25% survive long enough to get into surgery. Bottom line is, you blow that gasket we're talking Rock and Roll Heaven.
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