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Default Re: Fred Astaire was THE MAN!!

Originally Posted by Hollywood Jim View Post
Yes, I love Fred Astaire.

Here's something kind of cool:

In 1957, my Dad was called in to enhance a Fred Astaire dance routine in the film Silk Stockings. The MGM Orchestra had already recorded the music but Fred wanted drum accents and added drum riffs. So my Dad edited the sheet music and played the drum part overdubbing the original orchestra part.

Here is the dance routine from the movie with my Dad on drums. He played the overdubbed drum accents and riffs to go with Fred's dancing:

I still have the sheet music. It was called Part 2 because they were adding more drums to the sound track.
It's hard to see the pencil revisions my Dad made in this particular picture of the sheet music.

Here is my dad with Fred in 1957.

Very cool Jim. Great connect to Astaire! So the overdubbed hits are the housetop marks on the original part? Not 100% sure what I'm looking at.
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