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Default Re: Fred Astaire was THE MAN!!

The man truly had rhythm in his step, as well as an excessive amount of hyper-awareness of his personal space. He doesn't look for a drum. He just knows it's there. And he's not on a throne, which would serve as an anchor for our own awareness of personal space -- an anchor into reality. So he always knows where all of the drums are, and he always knows where he's standing, moving, and stopping, and all of those relationships update in real time, no latency.

I could try some of those sweet moves. But I just know that I'd kick a hole through a drum, or break my ankle hitting it wrong, kick something over, miss and over-extending into a serious injury. It's a big list. I'm just saying that my attempt of this is something that would most definitely not go well, and would end most tragically.

Even with all of that physical, rhythmic stuff, he's still got to subconsciously dedicate energy into being charming. Or maybe that's all natural. He's working really hard, and yet he's got us convinced that it's all so easy for him. I have to actually stop and think about it, to have any awareness that he's got human limitations.

He's got my respect.
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