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Default What's Going On with Shipping and Stock?

Earlier this month, after not being able to find a 20" PS3 at 4 different local music stores, I made an order with an online retailer. I decided to call them today to get an ETA on the head and they told me likely the end of October!

I've been noticing a trend for the past year and a half of products running out in stores and back orders pilling up. I started noticing it with more esoteric orders (mallets, odd percussion), but I'm seeing it now with drummer "consumables" (sticks, heads, etc). I'm in Canada, Ontario and I know that a lot of our products are shipped from the the U.S. Is anyone else (other parts of the world) seeing this too?

I'm wondering if this is a symptom of what was discussed a few weeks ago in a thread about "ma & pa" shops closing down? Maybe just the changing economics?
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