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Default Re: Finding a Song's BPM

Originally Posted by ncc View Post
What a great idea! Thanks for this tip. does the app allow for storage of song titles and BPM that the song should be played at so you can watch to see if the tempo is where it really should be as you rehearse it? either way 4 its worth 4 bucks.
I don't think it stores text information, that's simpler (and less-likely to be accidentally dumped) if you jut put the tempos on your set/song-list. And of course you still need a metronome app to count off the tempos. I use the 10 Key Click, which lets you key in the tempo without scrolling or use cursors to enter. It's easiest on the iPad for looking down and quickly tapping the numbers, but works on the iPhone as well. It's $3.99, which I kind of resented at first due to its simplicity and one basic function, but I use it all the time.


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