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Default Re: Wilcoxon No.114 WTF?!?

A couple of problems with that video:

-- I haven't seen rolls released with the same hand as the last double stroke anywhere in any Wilcoxon book. He writes all of these things out note for note elsewhere. I wouldn't assume presence of some new, very technical thing just because it's implied by him writing his rolls weirdly/wrongly in a couple of solos.

-- I think the solos in 6/8 are meant to be played faster than in the video, like regular 6/8 march tempo, where the "pull out" really isn't feasible. He has written things in 3/4 and 3/8 where the rolls are written as rhythms, that are clearly meant to be in the tempo range in the video, but still none of the rolls end that way.

On the other hand, his books are full of weird, non-literal stuff-- like how are you supposed fit a ruff in the space after a 32nd note at any normal tempo? Clearly what's intended is a roll with a quintuplet pulsation-- which is a thing that is done all the time-- but for whatever reason notating it that way was a problem for him. Apparently he also had a problem notating tap rolls in 6/8.
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