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Default Re: Wilcoxon No.114 WTF?!?

Uhhh that's all screwed up. Normally I believe a ruff on a roll is old school rudimental-ese for starting the roll a 16th note early, with the ruff played at the same speed as the body of the roll. But here he's not including the ruff in the name of the rolls, so maybe you're supposed to crush the ruff in a little faster. Or maybe he's following some 1930s drummer logic that makes no sense whatsoever to modern man.

You also have to ignore the internal stickings for the roll-- you would have to change the pulsation speed in the middle of the roll to match what he has written. Just play the roll at an even speed, starting and ending on the indicated hand. Oh and the last 12 also ends differently than all the other 12s, despite being exactly the same and starting on the same hand.

I'm starting to think these old timey rudimental knuckleheads didn't understand notation very well. I've completely lost patience with trying to figure their crap out.
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