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Default Re: Gavin Harrison here!

Hi Master!
I wanna say thanks for all the energy that you guys have gived us yesterday in Padova!
Amazing concert!
Amazing band!
Yesterday evening i feel good vibrations in the concert place, and on the stage!
You and Richard was always laughing! =)
I haven't understood if steven said that today you gotta go to eat and drink some wine here in veneto!
I hope that you guys received all our love and friendship!
I haven't tried to reach the backstage, i don't like to interfere with the people that's working...
But i've obtained a pair of your sticks by the official merchandising guy, and i bought a hoddie =)
i hope to see you soon, maybe when you do the next clinic tour.
Thanks again to you all guys, with all my heart, you gived me a lot of good sensations!
My girlfriend really appreciate the concert too!
cheers from Italy

ps:if you like the Italian wine...and you guys need some...gavin, mail me and i ca help you =P !!
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