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Default Re: Gavin Harrison here!

Hey Gavin just wanted to say thanks for the superb show yesterday in Slovenia. I thought it would be the other way around but I enjoyed the first round more. It kinnda hit me right in the head that the new record is a masterpiece. But the old stuff was awesome too. I really liked the fact that you decided to play Blackest Eyes. One of my faves.

My favoutire part of the show was the middle part of Time Flies with guitar soloing. Man that part just blew me away and I got the feeling the base of the band was so strong the walls almost came down:) I hope you guys had some cold ones after the show for Steven's birthday. Thank you and all the band for the best show and I hate you for making me wanna sell all my drumming gear:) Hope to see you guys live again.

By the way what size is your bass drum? Is that 20 incher?
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