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Default Re: Non-drummer Music Club teacher needs advice!

Originally Posted by Odd-Arne Oseberg View Post
It's a regular beginner set. Pics don't work for me. As long as things are straight and all the parts are there things should be fine.

Drumheads are measured in inches, so just find a ruler and take a measure.

Heads are about sound, but also about durability, so it depends on how it will be used and by who. Same goes for cymbals.
I agree. I am not sure what prices for drumheads would be, but I would recommend getting very durable drumheads since it will be played by students. Also I would say call a local music store and see if they have anyone that would be willing to change the heads for you. A number of music stores will usually be willing to take a bit of time to do that for someone in your situation.
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