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Default Re: Funny/weird things that happened when drumming?

Originally Posted by metal overlord View Post
My band is known for being very very very VERY loud, so we were playing at a bar (not small, fairly large for a bar/restaraunt). So we start playing and the entire place literally starts to rumble. Some of the glasses & bottles began to move. The place looked like an earth quake had struck between the fact that it was a mess with the crowd and everything else.

We aren't allowed at that bar anymore.
NO! I thought you were a jazz band, not thrashing it up like wavelength or something :p

I remember once i whacked my mate's hand with a stick when he was trying to choke my cymbal because he was talking to my other friend. The other thing is once i was thrashing out to some foo fighters song or something when BANG! Huge flash, lights out for a couple of seconds and when i got my sight back i realised that i had a drumstick in my eye :p nah but the thing hit me bang on in the eye. My dad came rushing upstairs thinking i'd seriously hurt myself or something. It did hurt a bit and it looked like i had conjunctivitis for a few days but it was okay really, luckily i was only using 7as at the time :)
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