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Default Re: My Son's First "Gig"

Originally Posted by Mozart1220 View Post
GREAT stuff!... I love to see kids take up music!
Yeah, it's been neat to see him get passionate about something.

Originally Posted by specgrade View Post
How cool is that?! No fear...just play that funky music white boy!

Major props! It got me smiling this morning, thanks.
haha! Yeah man, he loves that old rock.

Originally Posted by BertTheDrummer View Post
Fun times! Something he will probably remember for the rest of his life. I've done that with some of my students before. You know they won't play it perfectly, but usually the crowd doesn't care because it is a kid. I have to say, he did a lot better job than I've seen some gigging drummers do.
Very kind of you to say. I have no delusions of him being an all-star (you know, little league Dad of drumming) but I was definitely proud of the boy.

Originally Posted by Camshaft View Post
Your son did a great job! I'm amazed, that was his first time with a band on a full kit in front of people, and he was cool as ice! Hopefully this is an important moment in his life that fosters a lifetime love of music.
He was absolutely BEAMING when he came off stage. If he wasn't hooked already, that did it for him. One of the things that has surprised his mother and I is exactly what you said, he has no fear behind the kit in front of people.

This was him last spring at his 2nd grade talent show.

Again, some minor flubs, but his classmates loved it and he thought he was a legit rockstar, lol.

Originally Posted by AzHeat View Post
That is super fun. Love seeing kids dig into the instrument, and when called upon, deliver. Doesn’t get any better than that.

Originally Posted by rustyfingers View Post
That's a lifetime memory right there. AWESOME!!
Exactly right, he still hasn't stopped talking about it and it was a month ago.

Really appreciate all the kind comments. I'll shoot you straight, I posted because I was pretty proud of the guy. So, your nice comments are appreciated.

Now we're trying to transition him into a true percussionist. He's still working on "money beats" and rock grooves but we just got in touch with the local junior high instructor and he's going to start working with him on music reading, rhythmic studies, pitch readings, etc. Then, we'll let him still do stuff like this for fun. He was working on trying to learn Highway to Hell last night.

Anyway, more info than ya'll care to know but, sincerely, thanks for the kind words. I'm certain as he grows I'll have more questions!

- Chappy
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