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Default Re: Playing it Safe or Taking a Chance

Don't stress.

I get nervous the first time I play with a new artist. It's the first show, so I want to make sure I do a good job and keep the gig. After that I don't feel that way anymore. Large crowds don't bother me. In fact the bigger the crowd the more comfortable I am.

If you can't nail the drum part I would say ask the band to take it off the set. You could change the part as suggested. And I agree that most people watching won't know the difference, HOWEVER I personally like to stick to the way songs are recorded.
The majority of my work is with original bands, so it's a good bet few people watching will know if I did something different, but the band will know. In my experience they want it note for note accurate, even when they tell you "do your own thing".
On the rare occasion I do a cover gig I REALLY want to play the songs accurate, because more people out there will know those songs even if they don't know the actual part.
~Nicholas Mason
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