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Default Re: Playing it Safe or Taking a Chance

Originally Posted by Hollywood Jim View Post
Just remember that their might be one drummer in the audience who knows how to play that one song, or any song, on the drums. And I stress the word "might". And if that one drummer is disappointed, that is his or her problem. The other 1,999 people there will love it. Audiences are mostly dumb when it comes to playing a musical instrument. But they enjoy listening to someone else make music.
This is SO true when it comes to playing live. Our singer and band leader is in other bands around town & has been in the music scene here for 15 years. Knows many in the business & is always fearful that one of his musicians will start messing up & making him look bad (and thus he not getting hired by other bands).
We tell him "No one me", but he maintains they know & will judge us accordingly.

Makes for playing live gigs a nerve racking ordeal, but the venues pay well, so I guess it balances out.
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