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Default Re: Playing it Safe or Taking a Chance

I had a very, very similar situation last month. I'm in a band specialising in 70s-style funk, a lot of James Brown, playing on the same festival bill as some big name seventies and eighties bands. Biggest gig we've done and I loved it, but then we did our well-rehearsed set. It went down unbelievably well, mainly because we were unlike anything else on the bill. I was a bit concerned about following a really loud rock band, with my funky ghost notes. But when we got on I just went with what I do best.

A big UK star, whose band were topping the bill, watched us in the wings (I didn't know he was there while we were playing), and said he loved it and would've preferred if we'd gone on before his band to warm the crowd up.

We got a lot of love from a lot of people, from the organisers to the official photographer to the festival DJ.

Try to enjoy it, man. You may get a very similar response.
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