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Default Re: Playing it Safe or Taking a Chance

Originally Posted by DrummerCA35 View Post
...OUr band isn't even of that genre, we are doing our disco/fuck/R&B, with some rock thrown in.
I never played fuck, but maybe should give that style a try. :-)))))) I guess the vocals are pretty onedimensional with that style, with lots of Ooomphs and Aaaaahs'. :-D

Okay, I stop joking now...

It has the POTENTIAL to be in front of the largest audience I've ever played for. I feel nervous about this.

What do you guys do about handling your nervousness, when doing something out of your element? For any of you that get nervous? I doubt the headliner would even be there when we play, but if they are, I find that in and of itself making me nervous. I've been playing a long time, but again, never anything like this.
My 2 cents. It is completely irrelevant if you play in front of two people or 2000. You play in front of people. It really the same thing basically, whatever number of audience you have. Try to not think about the audience, if possible. Think of it as just another jam with your band. Concentrate on your band-memers for the start, mesh with them. Once you are grooving, you will be able to sit back there, grooving along, looking at the audience. Then you will see a bunch of happy people. Everything's okay.
No one will think that you are superstars and will never make mistakes. See the audience as some friends who just want to spend some nice time with you. They are there because they like music - not because they want to find the one mistake you make. Even if you make mistakes... they will probably barely notice them.

And, would you guys "risk" playing something that you find very challenging to play?
No, better play it safe. You can though - at the very end - include the risky part, but just state in front of the audience that this is a rsiky thing and that you will definitely mess it up. Everybody will be relaxed then, wait for the moment where you mess it up and have some fun. You raise expectations in a certain way ("Whoah, that fail - I hope it wil be epic. Maybe he falls off his chair...." "place your bets"). If you mess it up, just make fun out of it together with the band and the audience. We're all mortals. ;-)

As Simon Phillips said: "Even the best drummers mess up things at times." The trick though is to not let people notice that you made a mistake. Just continue playing. Most people in the audience will then think that what you messed up was not a mistake. Phillips: "I made a really bad mistake once, but people later came to me and said, Simon, that fill was brilliant, a genius thing, so unexpected. They did not realize that I completely messed up that part of the song."
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