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Default Re: Playing it Safe or Taking a Chance

As a general rule of thumb, it's usually better to play live....well within your limits.

However it's a signature fill, people know it. Your choices are:

Do the best you can with it. Maybe try Hollywood's suggestion to play it safe. At least you will cover the triplets with the hands, instead of the hands and feet.

Change the fill, and damn the torpedos

Skip it and just keep the beat through that section.

Also, don't project about getting nervous, because you are laying the groundwork for that. It's your imagination, be kind to yourself for Pete's sake. If you want to succeed, then picture yourself nailing it, not getting all nervous over it. Getting out of your own way is the very first step in growing past your boundaries.

It's only music, no one gets hurt. You will get through it.
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