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Default Re: Gavin Harrison here!

Hi Kalma,

you played a sound of muzak on MD. Are your playalongs licensed?

do you mean are they published and released somewhere? No.

Hi pilot19

I have a nice collection of snare drums; about eleven pristine examples in my collection including an original Radio King and a Noble & Cooley US Civil War snare drum (circa 1862). However, all of my snares are 14 inch (the N&C is 15 inch). I notice you play a smaller, deeper snare drum. I love your snare drum nuances and dynamics. Can you tell me the dimensions and head combination?

It depends which snare drum - or song - you're referring to. I tend to use 14x5 a lot with Porcupine Tree - and sometimes I use a 12x5 (you may have seen that little white Sonor one on a clip somewhere). On that drum is usually a Remo Coated Ambassador - and a snare side Ambassador too. On the 14x5 drums I use either a Remo C.S or a Coated Pinstripe. I rarely use a snare drum deeper than 5".

Hi Alex P.

I finished the transcription of "Blackest Eyes". I hope there are not too many mistakes. ( Bar 21 to 35: I think you play on a other snare drum, on the second "16nd note" of the third beat, but I'm not sure.)

Very good - I noticed a couple of tiny mistakes - but I know how hard it is to transcribe things. Yes I seem to remember there was a second snare drum off to my left for those hits.

Now, I'll try to transcribe "Nil Recurring".

Good luck - I look forward to seeing it.

Hi etnies12188

Gavin I need help badly, its driving me crazy the fill you do in "Slippin away part 2" Around the 1:56 mark when u hit the snare and choke the cymbals please tell me how to do it I've tried so many times.

It's just a snare hit leading onto a choked cymbal crash - but I play 3 notes on the bass drum leading onto that the 3rd bass drum lands exactly with the crash. It's quite easy to see that from the overhead camera shot.

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