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Default Re: New Years Resolutions???

Originally Posted by Jake943 View Post
My exact goals as a fellow eithgh grader. I have a bit of a head start on the band part: my cousin is very skilled at guitar, and he and I are very close. We are about a month apart age wise. We grew up together, and we learned our instruments together, too, writhing songs and throwing ideas at each other left and right. We always had a goal to form a band together, hopefully with a bassist.
Also, one of my other resolutions is to expand my pocket, and make it more groovy and less stale!
And to improve tempo and accuracy, as always!
Any tips would be much appreciated! :)
Nice! I think I'm the only serious musician in my family as far as I know but I do have a some friends who are musicians as well. Different musical tastes than me, but I'll explore the high school music scene. Good luck on your resolutions!
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