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Default New Years Resolutions

I think I'm going to limit my purchasing of new drum gear. Over the last 2 or 3 years I have accumulated waaaayyyyy too much gear. At one point this year I think I had 8 kits, 50+ cymbals, 5 sets of stands, and a whole lot of other shells and hardware that I need to actually build.

I think this year, I am not going to buy a single drum. I already own a 7 piece Saturn, a 6 piece Reference Pure, a 6 piece Concept Birch and a 4 piece Concept Maple. I am going to sell some of my extra gear and hardware and I am going to focus on building the shells that I currently have. That means by the end of 2018 I will hopefully have built a full set of Beech shells (8 piece kit), a 5 piece set of Tama Rockstars that have been sitting around needing to be finished, and 5 or 6 snare drums. If I get all this done before the end of 2018, I will allow myself to purchase more gear if I deem it necessary. But, I don't see myself deeming it necessary. I think 6 kits, 15 snares, about 50+ cymbals and 4 sets of hardware should be enough to get me just everything I could ever want.

Of course I could say I want to play more, or learn more, but the excess of stuff in my basement is hampering me more than my inability to play a certain part on a song or learning a new style of music.

What are your New Years Resolutions for 2018?
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