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Default Re: UK trip part 2: My stay with Andy

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Cool. Is it really true a lot (half?) of the pubs in UK are closing down? ...due to decrease in drinkers and or new smoking laws.
I read this on the news sometimes, but I wondered if its just media hyping a story.
Every Brit I know here where I live laments the lack of 'pub culture' here in N America. The ability to just stop for a pint on the way home.
yep, closing at an alarming rate.

The reasons for which are quite plentiful, but it seemed to start when the smoking ban kicked in.

We talk about pub culture, but if no-one goes anymore, how can it be a culture?

Personally (and of course this is just my opinion) I believe it's a working class part of our culture that those in charge want to eradicate. All they want is family pubs, restaurants etc so that we can appear "cultured".

Looking at the smoking ban objectively - it was a directive from the EU. In the UK, being lazy, it was implemented across the board, absolutely no room for maneuvre.

Yet go to Germany, their lawyers went to work on it and created laws that allow for non-smoking pubs, smoking pubs and pubs with smoking rooms. Meaning that everyone has a choice.

There are lots of conflicting ideas as to why this has happened but these days if you go to a pub, on a weekday (and you're not in a big city centre) they're just full of depressed alcoholics, willing their lives away. Then they'll probably start a fight.

Where I grew up, one pub was called "fight club" because there were many, every night.

We simply don't know how to drink sensibly so I believe they are trying to shut down that part of our culture.

Just my opinion
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