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Default Re: UK trip part 2: My stay with Andy

Originally Posted by opentune View Post
Cool. Is it really true a lot (half?) of the pubs in UK are closing down? ...due to decrease in drinkers and or new smoking laws.
I read this on the news sometimes, but I wondered if its just media hyping a story.
Every Brit I know here where I live laments the lack of 'pub culture' here in N America. The ability to just stop for a pint on the way home.
Over 20 a week closing down nationally. No decrease in drinkers but more people now drink at home. The idea of the 'local' pub where you'd nip in for one on your way home, and pop in three or four nights a week have largely disappeared.

The smoking ban was a bit of a tipping point, but it's largely down to the outrageously low cost of alcohol in supermarkets. Why go the pub and spend 3 on a pint if when you can get 4 pints of beer for 5 from a supermarket?

Still plenty around and it's largely the good pubs and often the none tied pubs (who therefore don't end up getting stiffed by the tying brewery) which have remained open and in some cases strengthened as their competition have fallen away.

It's sort of sad to a point...but then we did have just too many pubs (IMHO).
I lost my bag at Newport Pagnell.....
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