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Default Re: UK trip part 2: My stay with Andy

Originally Posted by SquadLeader View Post
I'm pretty critical of this country but one of the things I really rate it for is that you don't have to go very far at all (usually 15-20 minutes drive) to be away from the cessier parts and into the beautiful areas.

I live near Rochdale, an old industrial mill town quite run down these days and pretty 'rough'. But I can drive literally five minutes and be in an old coaching pub atop the moors in Edenfield which is just wonderful and scenic.

We're a very small country in that regard
We really are. Despite living in the post-industrial wasteland of Gravesend, we only had to drive about 15 minutes and we could walk for miles upon miles in open countryside. In fact, my school used to do a 20 mile sponsored walk every year from the middle of Gravesend and either up the bank of the Thames to Cliffe marshes or up to Luddesdown, which is as beautiful as it sounds.

Out of my front door, I have open countryside for miles around. Except for the M20 and HS1 train line 500 yards away...
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