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Default Re: UK trip part 2: My stay with Andy

The area around where Andy lives is stunningly and exceptionally beautiful - I think it may have some sort of designation to that effect. Certainly, the UK isn't all like that, but when you're on holiday you go to the nice bits, don't you? If we'd had time, I'd have shown Larry the flip side of the coin, just for the sake of a balanced view, but hey, it was a flying visit and we all wanted him to love it.

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
Andy went on to explain that there are 2 classes of traveling people. He called them the Travel-ese and the Roman-ese (sp?) The latter group (IIRC) is the undesirable group as they trespass on peoples property, and leave a mess. They are non traditional, travelling in gas powered Motorhomes if I understood correctly. The former group are traditional. Well taken care of horses pull their wagons. According to Andy, they are respectful and easily tolerated by the locals.
Other way round, Lar. Romanies (whom I've never come across in my life and didn't think existed any more) are the traditional ones. Travellers are the ones who you really don't want pitching up in your front garden.

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
Andy is an exceptional human being, and Madge agrees with that. I asked her if there are a lot of people like him, and she said no. He really is something else, one of my heros for sure. A more generous man you will not find
100% this. You all know that he's been very, very good to me when he had absolutely no need to be and for no advantage whatsoever to himself - on the contrary, he has put himself out considerably on my behalf. And I am far from the only one who has benefited from his friendship and generosity, so if you think "He can't possibly be THAT kind", I'm here to tell you that he can, and he's for real. And I'm only talking about the people I know he's been good to. There must be others that I don't know about. But yeah, not a guy I'd like to be on the wrong side of!

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
Thank you Madge and Andy for... nothing less than the very top experience of my life, to date. It sounds so feeble but thank you.
You are the very best type of guest, Larry. You loved all the things we love! It's just a pity you couldn't stay longer.
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