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Default Re: UK trip part 2: My stay with Andy

Originally Posted by BacteriumFendYoke View Post
It's not all like that, Larry! I grew up in a post-industrial town. My favourite view was a huge power station!

On the other hand, I get what you're saying. Comparatively things are old. I have no idea how old the house I live in now is but it has beamwork. If I were to guess I'd say probably 18th-Century, maybe 19th-Century - heavily converted though (and nicely done, I must say). You're near Philly over is the US - which is one of the oldest cities. What's the oldest you might see around there?

There's a house on my way to work, about a mile away that has 'historic building of Kent' on the side. It's a timber-framed Tudor house. If you look at the window-line, it's not just on an angle but it's wonky, undulating up and down. No two windows are the same in this regard and the whole building is on the wonk!

There's always plenty of new builds all over the place, though!
Yep, I think Larry was treated to one of the rather more pleasant spots of the UK, which doesn't give him the full picture. I spent my high school years living in the Medway towns (Gillingham to be precise) and my parents still live there. If Larry spent some time in Strood or Chatham, he'd want to get out of there pretty quickly!
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