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Default Re: Article in Modern Drummer from bermuda

Originally Posted by -Jeff- View Post
I have always wondered, what is Al like outside of the studio? You say he's very meticulous and I can really see that, but is he the person he portrays himself to be? or is it more of a character?
Al is pretty normal, a good father and family man. He's naturally funny, but not bouncing off the walls (much) in real life. On stage, he's obviously more 'on', but I wouldn't say it's a character or an act, he's just expressing himself in the context of the performance.

Also, I don't want to cast his shadow on you anymore than I already have, I want to know, how did your drumming career take you so far? and what are some of your best experiences? (on tour, in the studio, learning, or outside of drums?)
A career in music has been a real privilege. There are a ton of drummers who can drum circles around me and would kill to play for a living, so I never take my success for granted. There are a thousand guys and gals in L.A. alone who'd line up for my job with Al.

It's hard to pick out the best experiences, I regard it all as the best. But there have been special gigs such as the Hollywood Bowl (2 nights!), Radio City Music Hall, Hammersmith Odeon, any time we play the Greek Theater in L.A., Bonaroo, Wolf Trap, Massey Hall... many too many to list! And I regard my life as a great experience, I've been lucky to be given the opportunity to do what I set out at age twelve to do: play drums professionally.

and what is the part of your job people don't see? I assume its not as glamorous as it seems, what is it that people who aspire to be where you are don't understand about the position?
With respect to touring, there are a lot of unseen logistics in addition to being on stage for a few hours a night. Travel, dealing with hotels, maintaining some normalcy such as handling bills, trying to eat right, exercising, even doing laundry, which is actually the best day on the road! When players have been touring for most of their life, and they get tired and just want to stay home, it's not because they don't like playing; it's because they're tired of all the travel. It's not the vacation that people think it is!

I've been touring for 34 years, and I'm not at that point yet... but I understand how those players feel.

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