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Default Re: Article in Modern Drummer from bermuda

Originally Posted by 8Mile View Post
How cool, and what a great making-of video. Congrats!

Jon, I have a question. This is obviously recording at an extremely high level with lots of demands on performance. To consistently get that kind of precision, do you have specific things you work on as part of a practice regimen, or has the 10,000-plus hours you've spent on this type of work made it all second-nature to you?
All second nature, I really only practice when I need to work on something I don't already know, or need a tune-up if I've become rusty. But that's a matter of minutes to get that coordination back. Everything I've ever done is in my DNA, though things get buried deeper than others after a while. :) I basically keep in shape via gigs and rehearsals with 4 bands in town. There are also 2-3 bands I sub with on occasion.

So, while I do recommend practice, I don't do it except as needed.

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