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Default Re: Article in Modern Drummer from bermuda

Originally Posted by bermuda View Post
Thanks all! Re working with Al, yes, it is a little demanding. You don't expect a 'comedy' artist to be musically meticulous, but he's Becker & Fagen, Zappa, and McCartney rolled into one when it comes to production and wanting things to be just right.
I'm not surprised at all by this. I've long thought that Weird Al's success and longevity (when most comedy songs are one-hit novelty items) is due to the fact that, in addition to the lyrics being clever, the musical performance and recording is just as high quality as the songs being spoofed. That's why his versions stand on their own.

I also appreciate that, while he pokes a little fun, he's never mean-spirited about it. If I had a top ten hit, it would be an honour to have Al parody it.
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