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Default Re: Article in Modern Drummer from bermuda

Bermuda, I grew up listening to Al with my brothers and cousin, I will honestly never forget the 3 of us in my brothers room listening to "Running With Scissors" they sat on the bed and I had to sit on the floor because I was the youngest. But it's one of those memories where looking back things couldn't have been any better, I really looked up to them and they got me into music. I have always wondered, what is Al like outside of the studio? You say he's very meticulous and I can really see that, but is he the person he portrays himself to be? or is it more of a character?

Also, I don't want to cast his shadow on you anymore than I already have, I want to know, how did your drumming career take you so far? and what are some of your best experiences? (on tour, in the studio, learning, or outside of drums?) and what is the part of your job people don't see? I assume its not as glamorous as it seems, what is it that people who aspire to be where you are don't understand about the position?
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