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Default Re: Favorite snare drum size

Originally Posted by daredrummer View Post
I've been searching for that snare for 8 months now!

Where on earth did you find it???
Haha! I was randomly looking around the internet and local music shops in Oslo, as I had just bought my Gretsch kit that summer (I think
it was in 2009). I really needed a snare drum because the guy I bought the kit from, kept the snare that was part of the kit. Anyhow, I found it
in a shop that actually functioned more as a storage place for a web-based drumshop here in Norway. I didn't expect them to have anything in,
but suddenly, there it stood. In all of its funky, furry glory B-) I liked the sound, and LOVED the finish. So I bought it :D

I have never seen a snare like it ever again, so I'm really glad I made that purchase. I think I payed somewhere between 1300-1500 norwegian
kroners for it, which is about 235-270 USD ;-)

Btw, I also love this old Tama Rockstar 14x6,5 stainless steel snare I found lying around in an old abandoned office building that we used to
rehearse in. It sounds awesome tuned both low and high =)
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